Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Posts from old website

The following posts were from our Baby Sites webpage...
Four Months Old!

YEAH!!! Cereal! After surviving her first Flip Cup (where Jaime and Eric's teams went head to head for the trophy), Emerson made it to the doctor's where we found out she is a 16 pound, ready to eat real food four month old! Surprisingly almost all of the food was eaten, with only a small amount ending up on the floor!

3 Months!

Emerson is one happy three month old! Now that we know what she likes and dislikes, and know when she wants things... life has become much easier. Emme has slept through the night since she was about 7 weeks old, but finally she has established somewhat of a nap schedule. She is so long that she has busted through to the 9 month size on most of her outfits and won't stop talking! Granted, her talking sounds more like a growl, it is still talking. Even though she still hates tummy time, she can lift herself up and she can pull herself up. We are all very excited for the next month!

Emerson has hit double digits!

10 Weeks Old!
Talk about a week! Eric went out of town for the first time since Emme was born and everything went haywire! Besides the ear and eye infection and Emerson hating her meds, Jager got sprayed by a skunk and then got into the house. He rubbed the spray onto EVERYTHING! After many baths, cans of tomato juice, a restoration team and Emerson getting a night at Grandma and Grandpa's house... everything has almost returned to normal. The lesson we learned: don't let the dog in until after the sniff test!

Things that suck!

Emme got her 2 month shots and has been sick since. We went to the doctor and they discovered her first offical ear infection. Eric, Bryan, Jaime and Mike all had tons of them when they were kids... so poor Emerson gets to suffer along too! Once we get this taking of the meds thingy down, all will be better! Although she is sick, she managed to flirt with the doctor till he looked into her ears.

We be 2 Months OLD today...

No birthday cake yet... but we did suck down a couple of bottles! Emerson is doing GREAT! She is talking up a storm with her "pirate" coos, has managed one good roll over and back and pushes herself around her crib at night with her legs (she thinks she can walk... little does she know). We go for a checkup in the morning and will update her growthchart then.

Month Two!

Miss Emerson went for her month checkup and all is well. She has taken to her new formula and is GROWING like a weed! 22 inches and 10.2 pounds! She has begun to smile, is holding her head up and using her legs like she can walk! Besides hating baths, Emerson has a fondness for dance party and singing with her father. Although we know it is not her actually speaking, she has managed to perfect the word 'hi' with her coos. It is so realistic that everyone who hears it is floored! We are looking forward to a big month and can hardly wait to see and hear more!

4 Weeks Old!

Emme was four weeks today! She has been smiling and then again she has been passing a LOT of gas! She can lift her head forward and up and has even managed to rock herself forward into a sitting position for a few moments (scared her just as much as us). She believes that she is in control of everything and squirms herself into her own position during feeding, changing and napping. Although way too young, her new fav is cooing a noise that sounds just like she is saying 'hi'. So similar it is a little creepy!

Week Two

Emerson is doing GREAT! She has already visited the doctor and will be going back again this week for another weight check (she only lost 3 ounces in the hospital)! She loves eating, sleeping and dancing. She is not so fond of pooping, peeing and baths.
Over the past week she has been shopping (in which she managed to pick out a couple of outfits), eaten lunch at the Willoughby Brewing Company (where her mom and dad enjoyed the food while she had a wonderful afternoon snack of Similac) and she has visited her mom's doctor (for a c-section checkup). Emerson is a good baby... she only dreams about being a bad baby!
We can hardly wait for everyone to meet her!

Emerson Grace McIntyre

Emerson was born on Friday, April 13th, 2007 at 1:14 PM. She came in at 7 pounds, 12.5 ounces and was 20 inches long! She already thinks she is pretty cute, which her mom and dad totally agree with. Take a look at her in some of her first week 'highlights'.