Monday, November 28, 2011

We are Thankful!

Emerson and I made a thankful tree with leaves containing all of the things she is thankful for. She listed every name she could think of, some she wrote while others she dictated. I added a leaf for beer.
Bryce loved Thanksgiving. An endless supply of people to entertain him and a smorgasbord of allergen free food to eat from! It was a little tricky, but him was able to eat everything... except for Granny's potatoes!
Emerson enjoyed playing her I Spy games with everyone and it was a pretty sweet day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shitty Arse Job Update...

I wish I could really state what I think of our district, to their faces, but I rather take my paychecks and do my job and just pretend things are GREAT! Weeks have passed since the school districts failure of a almost 6 mil levy and they still have yet to make any decisions as to what to cut next year. They need to make 3.1 million dollars worth of cuts and the freaking geniuses didn't have a plan B for after the levy. Brilliant. They are going to change extra-curriculars but aren't sure if they are going to cut them or make them sulfa sustaining. They are going to cut teachers, but they aren't sure how many or from where. They are going to mess with bussing again, but they aren't sure how. They talk about privatizing the classified staff... changing the lighting systems... hiring someone to tell us the lights need to be turned off... closing the buildings at 3 PM to everyone... but they have no plan. When Mentor cut me they at least had a plan. I knew by Thanksgiving that I needed to find another job. Heck, I was offered one by Madison midyear to go back to them in January... but I stuck with Mentor for the year and then was traded to Riverside. Truth... literally traded. It all worked out. I came over to the land of beavers (seriously, look above) and Mentor has since received three plus administrators from us!
I digress. But seriously... .Riverside, get your shit together.
Oh! The picture of the staff is from our Staff/ Senior volleyball turkey ball game! Staff won... kinda... and they looked so good thought I would share that some good things can continue while we all sit here waiting!