Friday, August 12, 2011

Gnomey, Where are you?

The irony to this post is that I don't have a single Gnome pic to put up.
Holden has a Gnome Fest (so to speak) going on and Jess, Mason, Emerson and Bryce and I went to find them! We found most of them, with Emerson's fav's being the John Lennon inspired one and one that looked like the clouds. It was a sweet day, with Bryce actually using his stroller to sleep in, Emerson breaking a Gnome and all of us being eaten by the bugs... in-between rain showers... but it really was sweet. The sky looked like a fall day and the air felt like spring. Emerson loved every bit of it, especially being with Jess. Dang she likes that girl.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So last spring I thought about signing Emerson up for t-ball, but I thought four sounded really young. I looked into it and we were going to be gone on vacay the last week of it through the local rec. I then noticed that the outdoor Y had a fall camp for t-ball. So... I signed Emerson up and on the application checked that we might be interested in helping out.
Fast forward to a few days before the first night of practice and Eric received a phone call from the coordinator. After five minutes he became Emerson's coach and Guy became a helper.
After the first practice Eric was exhausted and Emerson was in love with it. So... every Wednesday night through September daddy and daughter get to go play ball.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fine Arts Camp!

Dancing with the scarf during her performance!

Bryce watching the performance!

Emerson loves to sing and dance. She will spend forever in her room with the mic stand or in the living room dancing to gaga. Bryce loves it too. He will impersonate every sound and movement that Emerson creates. He follows her pitch and tone so closely that you cannot tell them apart. He will stick the mic in his mouth and bop up and down to the sound of his own voice.
So since Emerson has a profound love for performing... haha... we enrolled her in a week long art, music and dance camp at Willoughby Fine Arts. The kids spent time in all three classes each day. At the end of the week all of the kids performed and had a stack of artwork to take home. We have already framed a ton and passed a ton onto the grandparents and Uncle Mike. She adored it so much that at the end of the week I signed her up for ballet and tap for this school year. Every saturday morning she will be spending an hour with Miss Hannah and a whole bunch of four, five and six year olds.
I am really excited for her because I remember taking ballet at the little blue house in Chardon. I even remember my ballet box and wearing the tights and leo out in the snow! I am happy she wants to do this, because I would never have thought to lead this horse to that water... but she found it herself!