Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Emerson the Witch and Bryce the Bee had an amazing Halloween. On the other hand, Jaime the Mom and Eric the Dad were chasing Jager the dog through the entire neighborhood for over an hour. Damn dog. Oh well! Bryce was the official candy passer outer and Emerson had uncle Bryan and Uncle Mike taking her all of the place to get candy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Old Man!

Emerson helped me bake a cake for Eric's 35th. She is getting much better at making things "pretty" and not just throwing things onto of frosting! I did the 35 but she tackled everything else. Emerson also managed to scavenge the house for items to "give" Eric. He ended up with some Star Wars pillow cases and a sweet Uno game.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can't find Squire's Castle???

After we gave up Bryce decided to bond with a tree.

Wanna go to Squire's Castle???

Since Emerson is still lovin' the princesses I thought taking her to a castle might be fun. Although Squire's isn't a "castle" it is a 'castle'... so we began the journey. My mistake, they were paving the park roads when we went. So instead of just say "Let's come back another day", I said "Let us try to get there through the woods". Big mistake. What a fool I was. 1.5 miles later we still were not there and the sun was way below the trees. Bryce was a little frozen, Emerson was seriously tired and I got a few good pictures!

Friday, October 14, 2011

So... Creepy... Haunted Hayride 2011

When I worked at Mentor the kids would volunteer to work at the Farm Parks Haunted Hayrides constructing sets and acting in the scenes. I didn't have kids then and thought the process was a little "sloppy" for my taste. Yet, now that I have two kids and have visited the scene... I get it. Emerson, Sleeping Beauty, and Bryce, the bee, had a blast. A little windy and a little cold, they enjoyed the wagon trip (seeing Angry Birds and Justin Beaver...) and the graveyards and spooky haunted houses. The swing sets helped out and the lemonade was amazing!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last of the pretty days...

We went over to Nan's to check on her foot and took a couple pics in her backyard... too bad the battery pack died right after the 5th picture! Dang it.
Bryce is looking seriously old in the first picture. Since we found out the poor kid is allergic to nuts, soy, chicken, eggs, shellfish and even milk and wheat, his diet has been limited. We still give him milk and wheat, because we would have little options without. He has lost a little weight, but that is also from the amazing growth spurt that just occurred . He has also been so much more mobile. Walking is taking over the crawling and he gets so excited to crawl onto things! It is cute to see him on the couch or the chair... not so cute to find him standing on top of the table... yep... he did that.
Emerson is loving school and music class while the verdict is still out on dance. I think she is frustrated because it is more instruction and learning to be a student than actual dance. It will come, but she also knows that she must complete the entire year. There is no quitting! She has also just had one major growth spurt. All of her pants have turned into floods and she has just started getting "headaches". I remember getting them when I was growing... poor girl!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It was a perfect day for a quick trip to the...

ZOO! Today we managed to get to the zoo without rain, falling, crying, arguing... though, yet again, I took the wrong way. These things happen.
Emerson wanted to see the butterfly house. I didn't think to tell her before we got there that it was the wrong time of year for butterflies. Oops. Bryce wanted to eat everything in his path. I am glad we brought extra snacks!
The best part was that it wasn't crowded and the kids enjoyed it more than any other time. They were able to go into the petting zoo, play on the swings and slides and run around.
This was also the first day that Emerson showed off her new hair cut. The other night she was taking way too long in the bathroom and as soon as I opened the door I found out why. She was cutting her own hair. With that and not wanting to let us do anything to it... we are at a wedged bob. Adorable and makes her look a few years older... oh well.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Farmer Emerson...

Who needs an over priced trip to Patterson's if you have Papa Mickey's pumpkin patch. They hauled in a ton of pumpkins and gourds and squash but sadly only had three rows of corn. Somehow three rows is enough for a four year old to create a maze and have one darn good time. Emerson helped load the gator a few different times with pumpkins and other fresh goods and insisted we cut some cornstalks for Nanny's house!