Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Lurkey...

The sky didn't fall, but the turkeys were frozen! So... the night before Eric spent a little time driving through Lake and Geauga County looking for a fresh turkey. Somewhere around 11:00 PM he found one in Chardon. Sadly, the guy behind him didn't get one because Eric took the last. Big thanks goes out to Granny who spent the night with us to cook the bird and hang out and to everyone who brought so much FOOD! Emerson made everyone wear hats and Bryce wore his first bog boy shirt and pant outfit (although it looks a little worse for the wear in the picture!).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To jump or not to jump...

These two are totally related. Bryce at four months. Emerson at eight months.

The Farmer in the Dell...

Emerson loves riding on Papa Mickey's Gator... so we thought she might like the tractor... not as much. She did have a fun saturday trying to find the icky witch and discovering the second floor to Dora's house!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Food... Thank God!

Bryce turned 4 months old today and to celebrate he has been rewarded with solid (sorta) food. When Emerson turned 4 months she was cool with the concept of eating. Bryce on the other hand is a fiend. He practically jumps out of the chair to eat and crys if you don't feed him. Yikes! Beyond the spoon and bowl, he is doing great! He can almost sit on his own, manages to get to the crawling position from sitting and can push himself up pretty well. No rolling or desire to, which is fine with me! He pretty much smiles and laughs all the time and he loves to play with balls and cars!!!