Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Snow

Emerson enjoyed the first "snow" of the season wearing Eric's Cookie Monster hat! After dancing around the yard forever... we headed to see Santa, which she wanted nothing to do with. So we went to Build a Bear and made a horse named Sugar. I don't blame her, Santa is a little creepy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tree!

Emerson picked out our tree this year, though she insisted it was too big. (Emerson, a tree is never too big in our world.) Then she helped decorate it! You can tell of her assistance due to the amazing amount of decorations on the lower left side... and we only broke 3 in the process!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Emerson spent the day in her McIntyre Plaid dress from Mimi and got to eat two dinners! We started the day with Nanny and Mickey and then went to Aunt Jenna's. Poor Nanny couldn't join everyone cause her leg is still healing! 

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A little bit diva...

Just like a true Diva who insists on costume changes half way through a party, Emerson decided that being Cindy all night long would not due. After a brief meltdown she emerged as Abby Cadabby (last year's costume that was never used). She loved the candy and running from house to house, screaming "I got candy, guys!".

Leaf Duty

We were suppose to be working on the leaves, but Emerson thought taking care of her bears was way more important!

Trash Baby!

After watching me take the trash out, Emerson got the bag on her own and decided to help!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleeping Beauty Dancing!

Emerson thinks she is going to be Sleeping Beauty for Halloween... well, no matter what she loves to dance in the dress!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Thank Goodness Nanny and Mickey planted a field of pumpkins for Emerson... but the girl still needed to go and get a couple to paint! Emerson and I went to one of the many pumpkin places on 306. She liked this one cause there were big rounds of hay outfitted like spiders. After a little convincing she went into the picture booth! She insisted on pulling her own wagon, picking her own baby pumpkins and paying the cashier. Totally cool cause she gave me the change!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nathan's 3rd Birthday...

Thanks goes out to Lisa, Rob, Diane and Dave for hosting/ throwing such a nice party. Emerson loved getting to pretend drive the boat, see the ducks, play with the dogs and hug Nathan!

Zoo 2009

The Sullivans made it to Ohio this summer and we joined them for a trip around the Cleveland Zoo (which I am personally disappointed in... very much so... and am soooo glad we did not get a membership this summer). Emerson loved impersonating the camels and we loved getting to meet Fia!

The Chairs...

A couple of years ago my mother gave us these chairs and at one time I attempted to stain them both green. After a few summers of abuse and neglect, I decided to let Emerson have a hand at it. I gave her 2 different greens and a pink to work with. Within moments she decided to mix the paint colors together, which formed a sickly flesh color. Yet, here is the result; her chair is the one on the left, mine is the one to the right. Come next spring I will let her at it again and we will continue for as long as the chairs hold out!

These are a few of Emerson's Favorite things...

Emerson has taken interest in the camera and since I will not let her touch it, I let her pick the items to be photographed. She dragged me around the house and carefully picked out things she loves... little people, her chalkboard, the tomatoes she grew, her dollhouse and her kitchen food.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Like is like a box of chocolates...

So after a week of perfect weather reports... Flip Cup 2009 suffered to mother nature's anger. While the tent didn't blow away, it did manage to lift up in the worst rain storm we have ever seen at this house. Everything may have been soaked... but after a short delay the game went on! Congrats to the winners... Andy, Jewels and my DAD! From the pics you can see the winning team and Granny the ref! Emerson had a blast, although I hope she never remembers it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Physics Lesson #1

Emerson spent a great deal of time explaining to us how the water held up the ball... while wearing her rain boots. She decided that this was her sprinkler outfit. I am not sure what soaked up more water... the boots or the diaper!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank-you Nanny and Mickey!

Emerson was lucky enough to have Nanny and Mickey install a swing set in their backyard! She LOVES it!

Memphis Kiddie Park

We took Emerson to Brooklyn today; Brooklyn, Ohio. Totally cool and not-so-scary kiddie ride park and she loved it! Her fav was  the boats!

Emerson needed a new toy...

and so I bought her a doll house. It was suppose to be her Christmas gift from Mommy and Daddy. Oh well. She needed it now. Her is Meme playing with her!


So finally... Cameron and Emerson have found one another! I think they would make a cute couple one day... but we will leave that up to them. Emerson had a blast. Music, food and cute boys! What more do you need?