Sunday, May 30, 2010

But Daddy... I need it!

Emerson is good, really good. She knows not to ask Mommy for things at the store because I say no or put it in the cart and then magically make it disappear before we get to the checkout. Not so much with Daddy. Emerson food this owl pillow at Target and somehow convinced Daddy, when Mommy wasn't looking, to buy it for her. The funny thing is that she has carried it everywhere, everyday with her. She sleeps with it, it comes to the store with us, outside with us- bubba and this dang pillow are with her constantly. So I guess she really did need it afterall!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sprinkler vs. The Pool

Hands down the Sprinkler wins! Eric managed to find the world's best sprinkler because it doesn't flood our back yard! I love it because there is no pool to fill and empty... Emerson loves it because it is crazy and annoys Jager (when she isn't spraying him down with the hose)!