Friday, August 21, 2009

Like is like a box of chocolates...

So after a week of perfect weather reports... Flip Cup 2009 suffered to mother nature's anger. While the tent didn't blow away, it did manage to lift up in the worst rain storm we have ever seen at this house. Everything may have been soaked... but after a short delay the game went on! Congrats to the winners... Andy, Jewels and my DAD! From the pics you can see the winning team and Granny the ref! Emerson had a blast, although I hope she never remembers it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Physics Lesson #1

Emerson spent a great deal of time explaining to us how the water held up the ball... while wearing her rain boots. She decided that this was her sprinkler outfit. I am not sure what soaked up more water... the boots or the diaper!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank-you Nanny and Mickey!

Emerson was lucky enough to have Nanny and Mickey install a swing set in their backyard! She LOVES it!

Memphis Kiddie Park

We took Emerson to Brooklyn today; Brooklyn, Ohio. Totally cool and not-so-scary kiddie ride park and she loved it! Her fav was  the boats!

Emerson needed a new toy...

and so I bought her a doll house. It was suppose to be her Christmas gift from Mommy and Daddy. Oh well. She needed it now. Her is Meme playing with her!


So finally... Cameron and Emerson have found one another! I think they would make a cute couple one day... but we will leave that up to them. Emerson had a blast. Music, food and cute boys! What more do you need?