Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

I think the end of 2011 decided to cash in all at once... It made for a really rocky start to 2012. Bryce's eczema flared up so bad that it turned into a staph infection. Not pretty. A couple of creams and a week of time and he is soooo much better. I am fearing the revisit to the allergist, because I truly believe his allergies have just gotten worse, not better. All of the other New Year's issues are resolving themselves, we hope!
2012 also brought a ton of snow this past weekend! Thank Goodness. Ms. Priss (Emerson's current state of being) felt the snow was too cold... so thankfully it is in the 40's this morning and the snow still exists. We managed a few hours in it! Bryce napped, which was good cause Emerson might have buried him in the snow (her current feeling towards her brother).
Bryce's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. By this age (18 months), Emerson was speaking in sentences and had a good fifty plus words. Bryce has a solid seven, but has now expanded to around 10 and picking ones up daily. It is true that boys and girls grasp things at different rates; I have the textbook case examples in my house!
On the flip side, he can disassemble and reassemble everything within a blink and he can climb up and down anything within sight! His fine motor skills are so far beyond hers, at 18 months, that he will have no issues riding the tricycle this summer and climbing the slide!
Eric has been super busy with work. Fox 8 named The Pot as the most romantic restaurant in Cleveland!
Riverside did not lay me off, yet. I kinda was hoping for it. I know, sick? Not really.