Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Week of Stitches...

Poor Emerson. All she wanted to do was show me her tap dancing moves after class last Saturday. On the final move, her feet swished up in the air and her head landed massively hard on the floor. She freaked and cried louder than ever before. After I stopped staring at her in disbelief I ran to her and picked her up only to find blood streaming down her chest. She ripped a hole in the bottom of her chin. Thankfully the dance studio is near the hospital (good planning) and three stitches later we were picking up popsicles and heading home. Yesterday she returned to the doctor to have them removed and it looks amazing!!! Hopefully little to no scar to remind us all of the event.
Then, a few days later, I was to have a silly little mole removed from my foot. It was between my big toe and the next. I was the silly one, for I never thought I would have stitches from the front to the back of my foot. This has made it most difficult to walk, among other things. I am rocking the crocs for two weeks till I can get them removed and hopefully everything will heal enough so I might be able to wear flip flops sometime this summer. At least Emerson liked it cause she had a stitches partner.
I had hoped that March would be the restart to 2012. I am placing my bets on April, now!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What a week...

I am thinking that 2012 needs a restart. January and February gave a really bad showing. Thankfully, they are over and March may lead us into a much "kinder" 2012.
This past week (the end of February) provided the worst experience imaginable for a teacher and parent. The events at Chardon High School on 2.27.2012 will be memorialized for all to look back at, but I wanted to place these two picture up here to remember it by. The students and staff of RHS were so amazing and extremely dedicated to the moment. Banners were made, walls were painted, pictures were taken and much money was raised. I cannot imagine what the Chardon staff and parents are going through... from this side of the fence it is hard enough. This week has taught me to be thankful for being raised in Chardon, being a Hilltopper, having taught at Chardon (although it be choir and for less than a year- it taught me more than anyone could imagine) and that I have a safe and healthy family.